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WHY A HUMANISTIC CHILD CENTRE IN AMSTERDAM? • A team of highly experienced professionals working together • Ongoing curricular strand for ages 0 to 12 • Humanistic care, mainstream and special needs education


Our child centre offers humanistic education and care for children from 0 to 13 years of age, based on one pedagogical vision, all under one roof. It is also the first school in Amsterdam that welcomes students to attend special needs education (from SBO Zuid, location St. Paulus and location Meander) and mainstream education.

Partou provides daycare, pre-school and early school education and out-of-school care with the child's ongoing curricular strand as a starting point. Schooling and childcare connect seamlessly. Our motto is Unique Together. We are all unique and we discover that together.
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From September 2018:
Humanistisch Kindcentrum Amsterdam
Peelstraat 171 • 1079 RN AMSTERDAM • 020-6466310 • info@hkc-amsterdam.nl

Annex Daycare centre
Veluwelaan 19 • 1079 PX AMSTERDAM • 020-3039567 • veluwelaan@partou.nl

Until September 2018: Meander
Winterdijkstraat 10 • 1079 GT AMSTERDAM • 020-6466310

Humanistisch kindcentrum De Wereldboom is een samenwerking tussen Stichting Kolom en Partou kinderopvang
Humanistic Child Centre De Wereldboom is a collaboration between Stichting Kolom and Partou kinderopvang (daycare).